Bmc Agreement

The BMC License Compliance Office provides resources focused on collecting and analyzing product usage information for customers to ensure that customers are complying with their agreements with BMC Software. The following two programs are managed by this team: BMC Software is committed to providing innovative technology solutions to better meet the business requirements of our customers. To promote this obligation, it is essential that BMC`s intellectual property rights be protected and that its copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents and licensing agreements are enforced. BMC respects the intellectual property of others and invites our customers, partners, end-users and third parties to do the same with BMC products and the intellectual property they contain. BMC`s SaaS contract is divided into several parts. The order form is the most important administrative document for SaaS transactions. Added to or recalled to the order form (1) the Cloud Services Master Agreement (“CSMA”), (2) a data processing agreement, (3) additional offer conditions, including a service level contract, and (4) information security requirements for BMC SaaS. [End of BMC`s licensing agreement] – Please read this instruction before using the BMC website. You can copy, edit, distribute and execute the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission. More information can be found below. Read how BMC protects your privacy and how your data is used.

Please note that for the terms and conditions in italics of the summary above, you will find more details on the creative Commons website from which the summary is extracted ( This is country-by-country information for Colombia, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The waiver of Creative Commons 1.0 Public Domain Dedication contains the following summary: Trademarks, Policies and Third Party Awards. Reasons for using a contract managed by BRCPC or MAPT: Information on corporate governance and export control The Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 contains the following summary (where “you” is equal to “user”): SOLA and NOLA (South Latin America, With the exception of Argentina and North America) To assist our authors, the following paragraphs contain some brief explanations of Creative Commons licenses that apply to articles published in journals published in BMC and why we opted for these licenses. MASTER SALES AGREEMENT – STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BMC STOCK HOLDINGS, INC. AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES. (Effective date: October 1, 2016) . Creative Commons License (CC BY), the latest version of which is CC BY 4.0, was designed to facilitate open access, as defined in the movement`s founding documents, such as the 2003 Berlin Declaration. Open access content must be freely available online and, by granting it under CC BY, authors grant users the right to fully disseminate and reuse the work, the only condition being that the authors are properly indexed.