Cabin Rental Agreement

It is agreed between and between ` “It`s not going to be the last time. “It`s not going to be a case.” (Host) that the homeowner authorizes the customer not to have the pet described below in the holiday home, subject to the terms of the rental agreement Non-paying customers are not allowed, unless permission is granted. This means that if you have family in the area and they want to come and visit you at the cottage, you need to let us know. If you are planning an event and have guests in the area visiting the cabins, you should let us know in advance. The cabins are furnished for as many guests as they are promoted to sleep. The check-in time is after 16:00. Some days/times of the year, the cleaning team is very busy. They do their best to finish each cabin before 4 p.m. The recording time is therefore not engraved in stone. There is no refund if your cabin is not ready by 4pm. Early Check in: Everyone wants to check in early. We`ll get it. And so, if your cabin is ready early and you can check in up to two hours earlier.

– It is important that you share all this information above with other guests or families who may be staying with you in the cabin. Voici le contrat de location de votre séjour dans la propriété __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ce contrat de location est un contrat de droit contraignant et doit être soigneusement examiné. In entering into this contract, the client accepts all the obligations and responsibilities described in this document. Some of our cabins are pet friendly and others are not. 1.) All pets must be approved prior to booking and paying an additional pet fee. 2.) Pets are not allowed on the property. 3.) Pets should not be left alone or unattended unless they are secured in your portable kennel. 4.) Animals that chew, bark, bite or are not trained are not allowed. 5.) Please be responsible and pick up your pet! The account inventory shows the basic rent of the property, the revenue tax in Maine (9% of the base rent) and the cost of cleaning and bedding (10% of the basic rental price, which includes the rental of sheets, the collection of household garbage and the initial household).

A non-refundable cancellation of $39.00 is charged for each booking. Cancellation of damages covers accidental damage of up to $1500 that can occur during your stay and replaces a deposit. If you wish, you can download these examples of documents in PDF format. Otherwise, you can copy and paste from the page below or write your own version specially adapted to your rental booth and area. Make sure a lawyer reviews your lease to ensure it complies with state laws and local conventions and restrictions. Even the most ordinary things (beaches, boats, swimmers, canoes and kayaks) can be dangerous for an untrained or inexperienced runner. Please practice care at your rent. Your safety is our biggest concern, so if you have questions about any of these items, ASK FIRST, and don`t use them until you are sure you can do it safely. If equipment is available for your use (including beach, any type of boat, swimmer, raft, deck, sidewalk, dock, jacuzzi or other amenities), you assume full responsibility and risk of their use. Neither the owners nor their agent