Cohabitation Agreements In Nebraska

The Iowa law with respect to common law marriages is in In estate of Boyington, 157 Iowa 467, 137 N.W. 949, 950 as follows: “It is well regulated that, while cohabitation and the alleged relationship between spouse and wife can be shown, they tend to give color to the relationship between the parties and to recognize mutual recognition of the existence of a marriage between them. By others, the fundamental question is whether their thoughts were taken by mutual agreement on the status of marriage, which is sufficiently established if it seems that they have lived together and therefore intend to be husband and wife. Neither such intent nor consent can be inferred from cohabitation alone, and reputation does not matter, *484, unless it has an influence on the issue of premeditation.┬áSee also Reppert v. Reppert, 214 Iowa 17, 241 N.W. 487.