Wto Civil Aircraft Agreement

Signatories operate with airlines, aircraft manufacturers or other ambulances that purchase civilian aircraft and do not exert undue pressure on them to obtain civilian aircraft from a specific source, which would discriminate against signatory suppliers. 8409.10 Parts that are exclusively or primarily suitable for aircraft engines of 8407.10 or 8408.90, recognizing that many signatories consider the aircraft sector to be a particularly important element of economic and industrial policy; 3.1 The signatories note that the provisions of the agreement on technical barriers to trade in civilian aircraft apply. In addition, the signatories agree that civil aircraft certification requirements and specifications for operating and maintenance procedures will be governed by the provisions of the Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement, as is the case between the signatories. machines and mechanical devices with individual functions that are not mentioned or included elsewhere in Chapter 84: non-electric starter motors; Propeller regulators, non-electric; servo mechanisms, non-electric; non-electric windshield wipers; hydropneumatic accumulators; Inflatable starters for turboprops, turboprops or other gas turbines; sanitary units specifically designed for aircraft; Mechanical actuators for thrust reversals; Humidifiers and dehumidifiers WTO work on the trade in civil aircraft is carried out by the Civil Aircraft Trade Committee and its technical subcommittee. The current chair is. concerned with eliminating the adverse effects on the trade of civilian civilian aircraft resulting from state assistance in the design, production and marketing of civilian aircraft, while considering that such public assistance would not in itself be considered a trade distortion; Brief information on the Multilateral Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement Links to the Civil Aircraft Section of the WTO Guide On the Basis of the WTO. 4.4 The signatories agree to avoid any inducement to sell or purchase civilian aircraft from a particular source that would discriminate against signatory suppliers. Browse or download the text of the multilateral agreement on the trade in civil aircraft from the legal texts Gateway Balloons and Dirigibles; The Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement (Air Agreement) requires signatories to remove tariffs on civilian aircraft, engines, flight simulators and related parts and components and to offer these benefits to other signatories on a non-discriminatory basis.